Topic: Hammerfall DSP with Marian ADCON

Hi. I have a RME Hammerfall DSP since 7 years ago working with a Marian ADCON. It works fine for all these years but the motherboard of my pc broken down and I replace it. Also I update my system from Cubase SX 2 to Cubase 5 and since I?ve tried to start to use it again it looks like the communication with the Marian ADCON doesn?t work ok.
The Cubase recognize the 8 analogic ports of the Adcon plus the 2 SPDIF and the 2 analogic of the Hammerfall, but when I tried to record something no signal comes thru the ADCON to the Hammerfall as nothing shows in Cubase.
Can you tell me how I need to configure the RME to work with the ADCON, please?

Thanks a lot in advance!