Topic: A Bit Confused About Word Clock Termination

I just added an ADI-8 Pro to my Multiface II / HDSPe setup and I am a little confused about whether I need to Use word clock termination or not.
I have in my posession one 3' 75 Ohm cable and one 75 Ohm terminator. Also, the ADI-8 Pro I have does not have a push button terminator as described in the online manual.
I have tried clocking both ways with no attempt at termination and both ways seem to work fine. SHould I just be happy that it works or is there something else I should be doing to ensure maximum clock stability?

Also, does anyone want to offer an opinion whether the Multiface II or the ADI-8 Pro would generate the better clock?


Re: A Bit Confused About Word Clock Termination

Well, I guess this must have either been a really stupid question or way over anyones head.
Regardless, I would  still like to know...

Re: A Bit Confused About Word Clock Termination

Hi Nico,

You should use termination on a Word Clock input whenever possible. The clocking may work fine without it, but the 75 ohm load ensures that there are no unnecessary reflections in the cable that could cause trouble.

Jeff Petersen
Synthax Inc.