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Topic: FF 400 going nuts !? (MIDI?)

hi there,

yesterday my fireface went nuts!

first of all i am on windows 7 (64). i use reaper as DAW. i record mainly my edrums via midi in (superior durmmer) and guitar through my axe fx ultra (spdif in).

i havent changed my the setup for weeks (cable connections) and so yesterday turned on reaper to record some music.
the first thing i recognized was that the the FF 400 yellow Midi LED light was working when i hit the drums, but no midi was recivied in reaper (MIDI IN1, as usual). I switched the unit and reaper on/off and, but nothing still.

then i did a full reboot and tried it again. at first it seemed to work . but then i noticed that the midi LEDs (BOTH in and out) were responding, although i only had connected midi IN as always. anyway...then i took my guitar (my friend was sitting behind the drumset) and we wanted to jam a bit. then i noticed that there was kind of a "reverb" and some "digital" buzzing noise on my guitarsound. things really really got scary when my friend hit one cymbal and the volume of the guitar and drums got louder - or more quietly,  every time he hit the cymbal pad.

i reinstalled the driver/software, checked connections, played with some settings in reaper - but nothing worked.
i connected my midi to usb keyboard and it worked fine, so it can`t be a general midi problem.

please help somebody...


Re: FF 400 going nuts !? (MIDI?)

reinstalled the firmware, now it works well again. strange though...