Topic: Confusion about channels, mono/stereo with HDSP9632 and AO4S 192

Hello all,

I am still confused having gone through the manuals of the HDSP9632 and AO4S.

1) Is it correct that the AO4S offers 4 channels with 4 Stereo TRS jack, but the plugs have to be wired as mono, so I need 2 plugs/jacks for 1 stereo signal?

2) The diagramme 18.1 for the HDSP (page 31 user guide) seems misleading to me. There are altogether 6 round jacks (HDSP card and AO4s), 3 with a left arrow, 3 with a right arrow. Does it mean 3 jacks are for input, 3 for output, or can each jack be used both for inpout and for output?

3) Does it mean the 6 jacks mentioned above represent 6 mono channels, so that they can be used for 3 stereo signals only?

4) In the diagram, there are 4 ADAT Devices, routed to 8 channels as it seems. Does it mean that the audio application can playback to 4 ADAT devices 4 stereo signals?

5) In the TotalMixer, what is the difference between the labels A1, A2 etc. and AN1 etc?