Topic: TWO HDSP (PCI) Multiface 2 systems sync problems

I have 2 Multiface 2 HDSP systems and Apogee Rosetta 200 converter so here is my problem.
In Nuendo 4 i send 16 channels of Analog OUTS on two Multifaces for ANALOG summing (8 stereo Buses) and than after summing i use Apogee Rosetta 200 for recording summed 2 channels and with ADAT out of Rosetta signal returns in computer (for record) in digital form through the ADAT input on one of my Multiface 2 so how all this setup need to be synced?
Also when i use two Multiface 2 systems they sync on driver level or i need some WORD CLOCK sync between them or some GLOBAL sync device like Apogee Big Ben for all 3 converters?


Re: TWO HDSP (PCI) Multiface 2 systems sync problems

You need to sync the MFs with Word Clock. Make one of them the Master, and sync the Rosetta to ADAT, SPDIF or Word Clock.
Or you could use the Rosetta as Master, sync one MF to ADAT, and the other to Word Clock.

Daniel Fuchs

Daniel Fuchs