Topic: Firewire or S/PDIF output form a PC

This is my first post and am new to computer audio so I apologise for this question.

I am looking for which RME product to purchase that will help me realise my goals.

Basically I want to feed my high performance audio DAC from my PC. I have a choice of two machines to use and would like to take from the PC; a digital output with sample rates up to 24/192.

This is for a two channel system only.

Dell T300 server

Dell Optiplex 755 PC

I want a card that can send either FireWire digital out or S/PDIF digital out, I may be happy to use AES/EBU as well.

I do not need on board A/D or D/A conversion as per a normal sound card, do RME make a suitable interface?

I am not sure what this product offers … erface.php

Thanks for your help,

Simon :-)

Re: Firewire or S/PDIF output form a PC

You will be never able to get sound from firewire ! This is a standard for data, and NO for audio.
Rme hdsp cardbus is a card with rme protocol that you must use with an RME hardware like multiface, madiface.

Spdif output is the same protocol as AES (and it is digital audio format). If you need only an interface with spdif/aes output may be you will find a product from manufacturers less expensive than rme (but with a less quality for sure...).

May be an hdsp 9632 will do it well...