Topic: FF400/800 Order swapped - Nuendo problem...

I have both an FF400 and 800, and have just updated both firmwares as required by the latest driver update (2.991 I believe).
The interfaces work fine, but I noticed that in the Fireface control panel the layout and tab order had changed slightly.

Now when I start up Nuendo and load a session, it comes up with a dialogue saying it can't map to certain outputs. What seems to have happened is that the order of the firefaces has changed; so Nuendo is trying to map outputs to the FF400 which were mapped to the FF800 before.
It means that *all* my outputs are now wrong, and need to be remapped.

Is there a way I can change the order in which the Firefaces are enumerated by the FF control panel instead? Otherwise I'm looking at an afternoon of remapping around 80 channels of i/o no: