Topic: RME/Steinberg Digiset

I have an opportunity to buy a Digiset.  This would be my second Digiface, for use in a live mixing situation. I'm planning on using this second unit with the Aux outputs of Octamics serving as an ADAT "splitter" to run a monitor system (as suggested by Daniel).

Could you please tell me if the Steinberg/Nuendo Digiset can be upgraded to the latest firmware for the Digiface (if there is any, I'm not sure), and can it work with the latest firmware upgrades to the older flat, CardBus HDSP card or ExpressCard notebook interfaces, both of which I have.

Are there any issues with the Digiset that I should be aware of?

Looking forward to your response.

Ira Seigel

Re: RME/Steinberg Digiset

Hi Ira,

The Digiset is the same as the Digiface, just a different faceplate. Assuming the unit is in working order, it is compatible with any of the 4 host cards available. The unit itself has no firmware, that is for the host card.

Jeff Petersen
Synthax Inc.


Re: RME/Steinberg Digiset

The old one does not have the Security (fallback) firmware. Else it's identical and fully functional with the latest stuff.

Matthias Carstens