Topic: Fireface 400 recording problem


I've got a Fireface 400 last week. It is used in connection to a Vista laptop.
I've come across a strange problem: I can playback and record with ASIO without problem.
But if I try the same with Audacity or Audition (1.5) then the recording fails. Playback is no problem. Selecting the recording channel is no problem. But starting to record seems to freeze the application.
Audacity shows MME and Direct Sound. Selection of MME freezes Audacity (I have downloaded and installed the latest driver and firmware and if I understand correctly MME is no longer supported. This may explain the behaviour for MME). But also Direct Sound does not react.
Checking the system settings does not show up something wrong.

As already said: ASIO works well. But I also like to use other programs without ASIO.

Can someone help?


PS: it is IMHO a bad company decision to deliver the Fireface without a Firewire 4-pole adapter. The soundcard is not cheap anyway but I'm forced to go out and purchase a stupid adapter cable and to spend even more money.