Topic: HDSPe RayDAT & HDSPe AES (Audio Media March 2009)

Internal Interface Cards

by Alistair McGhee (Audio Engineer, Assistant Editor, BBC Radio Wales)

On the RME?s new website there?s no sign of a feature I used to enjoy on its older, much less swish version. There was a menu labelled ?competitors?, which when selected spun a little bar forever or until you pressed ?OK?, at which point it replied ?none found?. Cheeky monkeys.

A few months ago I accepted a lift from a man convinced that the Germans were terrified of Britain?s industrial genius, and that the EU was to designed to protect German industry from ferocious UK competition. How prophetic those words appear now. We have totally out competed our Continental cousins in groundless house price speculation, credit card dept, and bank executive bonuses. Ha, they must be gutted to be stuck in the old fashioned world of making things. Certainly in the sound card market, RME (and Marian) are doing very nicely indeed.

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