Topic: HELP! Multiface with older PCI card Rev 1.4 - error light stays on

Hi guys,

I have been using this card forever on a PC WIn XP Home SP2. Never a single glitch on 2.94 driver up until 2 weeks ago, when a red light on Multiface started signalling error.
I have done several things with no luck so far:

1. Installed Win XP SP3 update.
2. Updated to latest WDM driver.
3. Updated firmware successfully (at least - that's what the program prompted at the end).

After several blue-screen-of-death failures, the card finally got recognized by Windows and worked for about 1 hour, but with the quiet, strange "ground" noise coming form my left speaker. All of a sudden, while working in Nuendo 4, the sample rate dropped from 48kHz to 32kHz and couldn't be reset. Upon a restart, the red light returned and stayed there.

I, then, re-installed everything (Win XP to old SP2) in hope that it's probably the new driver's fault. Now, however, I can not install ANY driver, because Windows simply doesn't recognize the card anymore. The red light stays on.

I have installed the card on another PC running Win XP SP2, but the one in my studio simply doesn't recognize the card. I have a problem with install process, at the point when I get to "Have Disk" option, the installer claims that the specified location doesn't contain necessary drivers. I have created 3 folders on my desktop with the newest WDM drivers and the older v2.94 and v2.83, but none of them are accepted by Windows. I have tried installing from every possible angle, without success.

Please help.
Thanks in advance