Topic: FF UC on bootcamped Mac

Ok, time to share my experience.

RME Fireface UC
Macbook Pro, Intel
Windows XP SP2
Bootcamp 2.2
NVDIA GeForce 9400M, latest drivers

1) Disabled BootCamp:

START /LOW /WAIT /MIN REG ADD "HKCU\Software\Apple Inc.\Apple Keyboard Support" /V OSXFnBehavior /t REG_DWORD /d 00000001 /f

2) Turned off unnecessary drivers:

Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery
Apple Built-in Bluetooth
USB Video Device
Broadcom 802.11n Network Adapter
Cirrus Logic High Definition Audio

3) Run Prime95 Smal FFT Torture Test.

4) Run Cubase VST/32.  Buffer set to 128 samples.

5) Run DPC Latecy Checker. Latency stays beween 65 - 150 ms.

Latency feels pretty good, but I am still experience pops when I close windows, navigate, etc.

I can't get RivaTuner to recognize my video drivers, so I can't configure it.

I am not happy (with how much money I have spend so far). fryingpan

Timur, I pray to the God that is you that you have some recommendations for me.



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Re: FF UC on bootcamped Mac

Two things coming to mind:

1. Open the NVidia control panel and look for a setting called "Powermizer" and turn if off. It's the equivalent of dynamic clocking on Vista/W7, but on XP you get the option of control over it.

Also try using the display settings "Troubleshooting" tab and move the slider one or several ticks down (to the left) and also try disabling write-combing.

2. The Prime95 thing is a twosided sword. With some applications it can help to keep the CPU from downclocking (make sure to run it on all cores), with others it can lead to more clicks than before.

PS: The OSXFnBehavior thing is just for switching the function of the F-keys (wether you have to press FN or not to reach the special functions like volume). Also check if kbdmgr.exe is *really* killed via Task-Manager and if you are using version 3 of Bootcamp it is called "Bootcamp.exe" now (at least on Vista/W7).

Re: FF UC on bootcamped Mac

I don't know if I can handle troubleshooting this any longer.

I implemented your video driver recommendations, and it appeared to help somewhat, but I still had pops and clicks.  It almost doesn't matter what buffer setting I use.

Eventually, the sound gets totally screwed up (distorted and clicky) and changing buffer setting doesn't do anything.  Audio outside of Cubase (for instance, YouTube videos) will sound perfectly fine.

I can't use Bootcamp 3.0 because that's for Snow Lepoard only IFAIK.


Would a Windows 7 / Cubase upgrade be in order for me?

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Re: FF UC on bootcamped Mac

I'm not paying > $1000 for 128 samples.

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Re: FF UC on bootcamped Mac

Ok, maybe this helps....

I have two different laptops running Windows XP, Cubase VST/32:

IBM Thinkpad T60p
Macbook Pro (Intel) running BootCamp

I have been switching my Fireface UC between the two.  Buffer is set at 128 samples on each.

Running DPC Latency Checker:

IBM Thinkpad T60p
- Avg. 350 ms

Macbook Pro (Intel) running BootCamp
  - Avg. < 100 ms

Yet both suffer from the same issue; Running a single VST plugin generating audio, there are very intermittent pops occurring at "random", something like 1 every 2 minutes.  DPC does not show any spikes when these occur.

Setting the buffer any lower than 128 samples on either system results in immediate significant popping.

Any ideas there?

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Re: FF UC on bootcamped Mac

1) Did you try to use the Troubleshooting slider of display settings yet?

2) Do the dropouts happen with input or also when you are only using output?

3) Does one of the UC's error counters increase?

Re: FF UC on bootcamped Mac

1) Yes, I clicked it about 2 over to the left.

2) Dropouts happen when triggering a software sampler (ShortCircuit) and the stock VST instruments in Cubase.  I did not test input.

3) No.

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