Topic: FF400 unable to work standalone


I have a problem with my FF400.
I want to use my FF400 as digital mixer/ patch bay.
I using also a M-audio Fast track pro with S/PDIF out to the S/PDIF in of my FF400.
I change the settings of my FF400 how I want in the matrix: routing to analog output 1/2.
And I hear the audio on output 1/2 of my FF400.
I have safe the setting on the FF400 mixer as preset 8.
then I close my PC
Disconnect the firewire cable of the FF400 and my computer and switch my PC on
But then I see that Red host flash red and SP/DIF led green on my FF400 and I hear no sound.
When I connect my FF400 again I hear sound again.

The reason I want this is, is because I have a express card to firecard from Belkin and want to use the express card connection for a UAD2Solo Laptop card.

ButI  not understand what I am doing wrong with the settings.
Who can help me ?


Re: FF400 unable to work standalone

Have you ever tried to flash the current mixer settings to the unit?