Topic: Problems with instrument input on FF800

I have been tracking guitar/bass directly into the front input number 1.  Last night when I tried to track my guitar I would get distortion when I really would strum hard.  I tried turning down the volume to see if maybe I was just peaking but that didn't seem to help.  I tested my headphone to make sure they didn't have blown speakers.  The only thing I've really done since last time that I tracked guitar was record some bass tracks.  I have not changed my set up or settings since then.  Do these inputs sometimes just go out?

I'm running windows 7
Using the FF800 as ASIO and not as the default audio device.
I have a sound blaster PCI optical out going into the SPDIF input on the FF.
My system specs are fine and its not being taxed to run these applications.
Using Cockos Reaper to do my recordings.

I did also tried messing around with the settings.  I tried to turn the limiter and speaker emulation on and off and tried all the configurations I could think of.

I'm at a loss on what happened.  Anyone have an idea?