Topic: fireface 400 and fireface 800 together

trying to get this working
the fireface 400 i already was using so i have set this as the master, and wordclocked the fireface 800 off this, as well as connecting it via firewire 400 to the fireface 400.

creating an aggregate device was no problem, but which aggregate channel numbers will the fireface be ? starting from 19 is it ??
thanks for your help , tried to find an answer in the forums but no luck

if theres a better way to set this up then let me know also
thanks for any help

Re: fireface 400 and fireface 800 together

ok so i have tried to setup the fireface 800 as a standalone unit but no joy
adat cables going from FF400 adat out > FF800 adat in and from FF800 adat out > FF400 adat in
if someone could help me that would be much appreciated, otherwise they are going on ebay

Re: fireface 400 and fireface 800 together

This should help:

Otherwise, you have to be more specific about what you did so far, how you have connected, what you have in settings for each unit, etc.

And yes, in an Aggregate Device, if the FF400 is first it takes channels 1-18 when running in "all channels" bandwidth mode, the remaining channels will be the FF800.

Jeff Petersen
Synthax Inc.

Re: fireface 400 and fireface 800 together

ok so after a day of mucking about i got it sorted....i have 2 eqs which dont seem to be a problem but now when i insert a stereo compressor on channels 13 and 14 im getting a weird delayed sound, i tried using the manual delay on the external fx send (in cubase 5.1) but its still a nightmare
hey and thanks for your help jeff, much appreciated smile

Re: fireface 400 and fireface 800 together

so the problem is because im using an digital (adat) loopback rather than an analogue one ?
did anyone every find a solution to this ??