Topic: HDSP 9652 midi sync question


First: I'm no midi expert. And received a HDSP 9652 for free ;-). At this moment I consider to buy the Expansion Boards 4-O/AEB AEB 4-I. I do not use SPDIF or ADAT in my home studio. I want to use the HDSP as a master/slave for my Korg m3, synced to midi clock. When I look at the settings I do not see a midi clock synchronization option. Is it possible to use the HDSP as master / slave via midi

Re: HDSP 9652 midi sync question


HDSP is just an interface and you can use its MIDI ports to send or recieve MIDI Clock (or any other MIDI signals) from one hardware device (or software application) to other(s)!
You have to look for MIDI sync setup in your respective devices or applications!