Topic: New FF400 won't run on PC or MAC

Got a new FF400 but I haven't managed to install it on my PC (xp) or MAC (OS X 10.4.10).

The PC recognize it and the drivers are installed but the firmware/fut won't run. Nothing happends! Tried both with the latest ones and with the originals from the cd. Unstalled, installed again and all of that. I had a M-audio firewire that ran perfectly on my pc before I bought the FF400

On the MAC nothing happends at all. I had a Apogee Duet that I recently sold and that work perfectly so the Firewire port is ok.

Please help!

Re: New FF400 won't run on PC or MAC

If that does not correct it...

Which driver did you install on the mac? I guess this is a PPC since you're running Tiger? If you installed the x86 Intel driver on a PPC Mac you need to clean it up and install the correct one.

Jeff Petersen
Synthax Inc.