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I would like to know if it?s possible to connect an output of the RME Multiface II to an external mixer (converting D/A), applying an external effect or EQ and then returning into one input (converting A/D), into another track of the DAW, without having a feedback loop.

With my current card, I can?t do this, I get feedback. I can imagine that this concerns to "Monitoring", if every input signal is automatically sent to the output, creating a loop this way.

I would really appreciate some clarification about this concept and if it can be done.

Thank you!


Re: Mixing through external hardware

Sure, you can do this. Any input and any playback channel can be routed (or not) to any physical output, in any combination. The behavior you describe is a primitive form of direct monitoring, which is how the earliest DIGI series RME cards worked. With TotalMix in the current RME products you have much greater control of signal monitoring. … C632FC103C

Jeff Petersen
Synthax Inc.

Re: Mixing through external hardware

Hey Metheny!

To add some to Jeff`s answer: sure, you can do this, just keep in mind that every D/A- A/D cycle will degrade the signal in a tiny little bit.
In addition, your question leads to the topic if ITB (in-the-box) mixing is prior to mix your tracks "out-of-box"... means via analog summing.



Re: Mixing through external hardware

I?ve seen the demo of the Total Mix software, and I?m really impressed.

Girts, what do you mean with it?s prior...