Topic: What RME Pci Xpress for windows 7 and Sonar? HELP

Hi guys,

I'm running a Motu 896 original under Sonar 8.5 and Windows 7 Ultimate 64x with Supermicro motherboard X7DWA-N, double xeon E5420. I'd like to change the motu interface as it's giving tons of problems with the drivers improving to a PCi xpress card to have better performance. I've been looking into RME but I don't know what exactly to choose. I'm working mostly into Sonar, just recording a mic or a guitar but not often, I use to work with internal stuff all the time, instruments and plugins even mastering. I need headphones connection, spdif and lines to connect external dj mixer and KRK Ergo. What would you recomend guys????

Thanks a lot