Topic: How does one trace back errors (pops) for RME 400

Getting regular errors reported in the Fireface settings interface (and the corresponding pops) every 30-120 seconds (sometimes longer between errors).  These errors have manifested themselves since moving to Win7.  Unable to go back to XP.  How might I go about tracing where the errors are being generated?  It hasn't mattered what audio source I have used.

Have tried Buffer size (Latency) settings from 48 to 1024 when just doing playback and have tried differing Sample Rates (44100/48000).  No other digital components in the loop. 

RME 400 with latest drivers 3.012 H/W 1.7 connected to DAW via 1394.
OS: Win7 Build 7600 64/32bit Ultimate
H/W: ASUS P5QE Instel Quad Core 0995 @ 2.83 FSB 13333
        4 Gig Ram
        4 Velociraptor drives
        Nviadia GeForce 9600GT
Speakers: Focal Twin 6Be

Any suggestions would be most welcome.  I really liked this system (RME400) until this development.


Re: How does one trace back errors (pops) for RME 400

Did you check DPC Latency Checker yet? It may help you find a misbehaving system driver. Also check for new BIOS, chipset drivers, etc.

Jeff Petersen
Synthax Inc.

Re: How does one trace back errors (pops) for RME 400

Jeff's recommendation did it.  Using DPC Latency Checker, I was able to disable specific drivers and sure enough the Broadcom 802.11n Network adapter was the culprit.

Thank you Jeff.