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Topic: FFUC and Cubase 5 - vst performance

Hi folks,

I have recently switched from a Steinberg MR816 to the FFUC which I use with Cubase 5. I'd like to know if it could be considered normal that after loading one of my C5 projects (in which I make use of a lot of VSTs/samplers/VST effects) or a VST synth such as Omnisphere into an empty project the VST performance meter (activated within Cubase with F12) jumps to 100% for a very short time - perhaps just fractions of a second - before it stabilizes at a very low point. This happens only when loading large projects or synths like Omnisphere. As I said, it is no particular problem because the performance stabilizes very fast but I have never experienced such a behaviour when working with a FW device.

I have a new Intel-based PC (quad-core with ICH10 UCB)
All programs as well as the FFUC have been updated with the latest drivers/firmware.

Re: FFUC and Cubase 5 - vst performance

I notice the same in Studio One.  But after that everything works well.