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Topic: Trouble with recent updates to FF800 and Sonar

Hello.  I hope someone here can help me with a problem I just can't figure out.

I have been using a FF800 and Sonar 4 for many years with no trouble.  In fact, the system has been incredibly stable.  I recently decided to upgrade to Sonar 8.5, and updated my FF sofware and firmware while I was at it (I had been using quite old versions of both with no trouble).  Now, Sonar won't let me record at 24 bit.  For ASIO drivers, the option to switch bit depth is greyed out.  With WDM drivers, it gives me the option for 24 bit, but when I hit "record" I get an error message about the sound card does not support the audio format. 

I still have Sonar 4 on my computer, and it correctly recognizes the FF and allows me to record at 24 bit.  This seems to indicate this is a Sonar issue and not a FF one.  I am posting the same question on the Cakewalk forums.

I tried reinstalling both Sonar and the FF drivers with no change.   I have seen some similar issues posted and tried the remedies (changing some settings in the AUD.INI file) with no luck.  I also tried deleting the AUD.INI file and disabling the laptop's on-board audio.  No luck.  This is incredibly frustrating.  Can anyone help?

I am running Win XP, service pack 3.  My laptop is a Toshiba Tecra that has a TI firewire chipset.


Re: Trouble with recent updates to FF800 and Sonar

Some guys at the Cakewalk forum helped me figure this out.  In Sonar 8.5, you change the bit depth for ASIO under the Options > Global menu, not Options > Audio as was the case with Sonar 4.  Wanted to post the answer here in case it helps anyone else.

Re: Trouble with recent updates to FF800 and Sonar

Aint that a smart move from Cakewalk, thanks for the heads up.

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Re: Trouble with recent updates to FF800 and Sonar

The fireface supports 24 Bit only under ASIO. 16 Bit is not supported.