Topic: ff800 adat problem

Hi I'm experiencing a problem with my FF800 and an adat connection I'm using my FF800 in standalone mode connecting the adat ch1 of the FF to a Tascam DM3200 in order to route 2 Focusrite mic pre's into the Tascam via adat now all that being said all my connections are right I have configured the FF properly for standalone mode I have synced The Tascam with the FF via BNC cable made all the proper terminations ( at the FF which is in slave mode )  On the front panel of the FF both WC and ADAT 1 are solid green For the most part there is no problem but occasionally out of the blue ADAT 2 starts blinking intermittently like its trying to sync  although there is no signal routed through it nor is there any cabling attached to the adat2 port on the FF and it is sending a signal into the Tascam via the adat input of the Tascam. I have heard that there has been problems with the adat on the FF  in the past does anyone have any feedback ?    And  it's not the Tascam I've had problems with another mixer as  well       


Re: ff800 adat problem

Let me get your routing straight, it's a bit muddled to read:

Focusrite to Tascam via ADAT
Tascam to FF800 via SPDIF

so the only connection to the FF is the SPDIF cable

if that's the case set the FF to autosync and set preferred sync ref to SPDIF

I may have your setup wrong, so please clarify if i do.