Topic: FF800 randomly shuts off, won't come back on

Hey guys,

Currently running an FF800 via an early '08 MBP (TI chipset) - problem started when I left the interface on for a couple hours while I was out last night, got back and it had shut off. Took a couple cycles of unplugging/replugging the FW and power cables back into the unit to get it to work again, but otherwise, when trying to turn it on, it would just flash the green 'signal' LED's and that's it.

Unfortunately, it happened again this morning in the middle of a session, and as of yet I've not been able to turn it back on. Running the latest (2.66) driver, but this seems to be more of a hardware issue than anything.

Anyone else have this issue or know of a fix? Really hoping I can avoid sending it in anywhere, I need it for sessions the next 2 weeks!

Re: FF800 randomly shuts off, won't come back on

Smells like power supply problem.