Topic: Fireface 800 Windows 7.

I have a Fireface 800, I have so far tried it on 2 different PC's and With many different cables.

If i plug somthing in to the analog ports at the front, The sound appears in the "Fireface mixer" as levels.  It does not however appear in the systems "Sound" settings area which shows levels for those same channels.  (Analoge 9+10 on the Fireface Mixer have level and 9+10 in the Sound area of control panel does Not)

In addition, when ever i go to record now (Or play back for that matter) the program doing so just does nothing, it says its playing but the time index does not change. 

The third thing is that Outputs (Fireface Mixer Matrix) 13+14 on the matrix are constantly making Digital noise (Buzzing)  which is... Annoying.

Any help with any of these would be appreciated.  I am quite new to the fireface system and can use any help you can give.


Re: Fireface 800 Windows 7.

Also, Its pluged in with Firewire 400, Is there issues with audio transfer to the computer there?