Topic: Asio Latency in Cubase

When I switch to FireFace Asio in Cubase, I am seeing its 7 ms latency. Same as old my souncard. Shouldn't this number be closer to 0?

Re: Asio Latency in Cubase

Depends on the buffer size on given sample rate you specify. Teoreticaly latency is determined by given eq: latency=bufferSize/sampleRate*1000 [ms]. Practicaly you should add 2-5 ms that gets 'lost' in DAC's and internal resampling filters.

Hope it helps.

Re: Asio Latency in Cubase

To be more precise, some programs report latency according to the equation in upper post. Some other (when using ASIO) actually report latency according to latency query function;

ASIOError getLatencies(long *inputLatency, long *outputLatency);

- this should inclue also DAC and resampling latency and should provide more exact result as simple eqution above.

The most precise way to determine latency is to measure it. But unfortunately it is not possible to measure only output latency. You can only measure input+output latency.