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Hello Everyone,

I have been using a Fireface 800 for the last couple of years and really love it.
I just bought another Fireface 800 to give me an extra 10 channels I/O at 96Khz but I am having trouble setting the two of them up using the FW sockets.
I can get them working if I connect them using the two ADAT sockets and four lightpipe cables but this means that I have to disconnect my other ADAT gear, and in addition I can only get 8 extra tracks rather than 10.
Can anyone help me to set the two up using the F/W 800 ports please?
At the moment I am getting two different Totalmix screens for each Fireface and I am very confused.
Any links to any instructions would be great. The Fireface 800 user manual says nothing about connecting two units though in the Totalmix settings dialogue there is a tab for "Fireface (2)" so I assume this knowledge is available somewhere.
I look forward with gratitude to any help.

Cheers John

Re: Fireface 800 and Fireface 800 together

Connect unit 2 by FW 400 cable to unit 1.
Connect unit 1 by FW 800 cable to computer.

Totalmix screen can show only one unit's channels at the same time.
Click 1 or 2 icon in the right of the Totalmix window to view another unit's mixer settings.  Note that Totalmix can not combine two or three units to the same window.

Re: Fireface 800 and Fireface 800 together

Hi John, hope this helps!

Jeff Petersen
Synthax Inc.