Topic: FW cable is dead.

Hi all. I have FF400, and my original FW cable died, I tried to use my cable on my friend FF400 and the cable did not worked there as well, his cable worked great on my FF400.
So i know the problem is only with the FW cable.

I bought in a local store a new 6 pin --> 6 pin FW cable, but my unit is not working with this cable there, is no power.
I thought that the cable is bad because it was super cheap and looks crapy, so i went to another store and bought a cable that looks better but no luck with that cable also. the FF400 is not getting any power with both cable.

What kind of FW cable i should buy that will be as good the original FW cable ?
Thank you all

Re: FW cable is dead.

I think you may have to reconsider your conclusion that the cable is the problem.  Start over with your testing and troubleshooting.  There's another factor, I suspect.


Re: FW cable is dead.

Tomerttb wrote:

the FF400 is not getting any power with both cable.

You noticed the switch on the back?

Matthias Carstens

Re: FW cable is dead.

Thank you for replaying.
I did a test again and with my friend cable the RME is working and with my 2 new cables its not sad.
The switch on the back goes to BUS and not for external transformer.

Do you know where can I get the same cable as provided in the original RME Box ?

Thanks Tomer.