Topic: My solution of Fireface UC distorted audio problem In Win7

I've been thinking about this for several weeks.and i find a solution which is:

disable the MMCSS Service in windows 7

Step1. Go to the Regedit -->HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/Services/Audiosrv

Double click the DependOnService,delete the last word "MMCSS"

Step2.Go to the control panel-->Administrative Tools -->Service

find "Multimedia Class Scheduler" and disable it,then restart your computer.

Step3.Download the latest version of foobar.and select RME Asio driver in settings

Now,when you play music via foobar,it should be fine without clicks and pops.

But there is one thing i have no clue,if i pop up fireface mixer,clicks and pops appear again.if i minimize the window of mixer,the sound is very clean without any problems.

please try and let me know the feedback.

Re: My solution of Fireface UC distorted audio problem In Win7

The current UC drivers should not be using MMCSS anyway. They did in the beginning, then implemented a switch via its Settings and then turned it off completely. Maybe it's been activated by accident again, I will check later.

MMCSS usually is a function of the application you are using and should be offered as an option there if it's supported. I didn't check Foobar lately, but I don't think it makes use of it (check the manual/ehlp/options).

MMCSS is meant to prevent dropouts, not create them, but because of its "compromise" nature it can lead to dropouts when another process is making lots CPU use (don't run Prime95 in the background).