Topic: Fireface Pops and crackles - performance?


I just bought a new Fireface UC and I'm very satisfied with it. It sounds great and it has everything I need.

But honestly, I expected more in performance and latencies. I can run heavy project (~60% cpu) with 512 buffer but 256 and below causes random pops and crackles. If I use it with 48-96 buffer sizes, sound is distorted - cpu is still max. ~70%. Another strange thing is that RME latency settings panel shows 0/0 errors. Is that normal? I've tried everything - except AHCI to IDE in bios, but I think I'll have to reinstall my windows if I do that.

HP Probook 6540b Intel core i5-430m
SataII 7200, 1333hz Ram
Win7 64bit

Driver: 0.956 (babyface driver, but same performance with the newest fireface driver)
Hardware: 111

Re: Fireface Pops and crackles - performance?

Ok, I found that when I'm using Fireface UC with 48 buffer and running only one audio channel, CPU stays very low, but I'm still having random crackles. Which can cause the problem? USB or CPU performance? I'm using Cubase 5.

I tried turning off wlan, integrated audio, modem, firewire, other usb ports, card reader, battery, intel htt. DPC latencies are perfect.

Re: Fireface Pops and crackles - performance?

Amazing, I solved it.

If someone is using new Intel core laptops, I suggest updating the newest "Intel Matrix Storage" drivers. Performance is definately better and CPU is more stable. Fireface works like a charm.

By the way, with Intel's Hyper-Threading Technology you will get better performance in Cubase 5.1.

Re: Fireface Pops and crackles - performance?

Hey @stevejem,

if you use small buffer size values like 48 samples for your Babyface ASIO driver try to deactivate/uncheck "multi core support" in the cubase driver dialog and look if this could help. According to my opinion cubase right now is not perfectly optimised four using multiple cores CPU's with low latency settings over 50% CPU loading.

Maybe this will be helpful