Topic: Logic Pro & Fireface 800


Does anyone know if it's possible (and if so, how to do it) to record audio / bounce to mulitple files in Logic with the Fireface 800, e.g. stem mixing to separate audio files so they can be remixed later ...

(obviously without have to do it 1 track at a time!)

Thanks !

Re: Logic Pro & Fireface 800

If you're talking about group stems:
1. Set the Outputs of the channel strips to busses
(Drums > bus 1, Bass > bus 2, Guitars > bus 3, Vocals > bus 4, etc.)

2. Set the Inputs of Audio channel strips to the busses from above.

3. Record enable the Audio channel strips.

4. Hit Record.
See the link below for more info.

If you're talking about exporting every Track as individual consolidated audio files:
Go to File > Export > All Tracks as Audio Files.
See pages 1022-1024 of the Logic 9 PDF Manual.

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