Topic: Ok another Windows 7 and Fireface 400 question :))

Hello, I decided to reinstall Windows 7. After doing so I am having the same glitches that I have read about. The funny thing is I didn't have this problem with the last install! The ONLY thing I can think of that was done different this time was I let "windows update" install my NVIDIA driver.. Everything else should be the same. I ran the latency test and sure enough if I uninstall my graphics driver the latency goes  to about 10!! So it is a my graphics.. So my question is. Since I didnt have this problem before could it be simply the bad install by the update? I am trying to reinstall different versions of Nvidia drivers but nothings works. I just go into the red bigtime. But getting rid of the drivers does the trick. I tried the Rivatuner but it would not give me the options to change anything. I also tried the other program mentioned here as well with no luck. ANyway I know this is NOT a RME problem. But, I was hoping someone could maybe lead me into a better direction. If not I will just reformat and try again smile Btw, my problem is in Cubase 5 I get cpu spikes even with the smalles vst.. QuadCore, badaxe2 mobo,Windows 7 32bit,6gig ram, Latest Fireface 400 driver and firmware, Nvidia  Geforce Gtx220. Thanks for ANY help..

Re: Ok another Windows 7 and Fireface 400 question :))

change the graphik card to ati. and save a lot of time. i am doing hd recording since 20 years and i say:
intel cpu
asus mainboard ( not any)
ati graphic card

looks expensive, but can save a lot of time and money.