Topic: FF800 loses settings under Windows 7

In Windows 7 I can disable unwanted audio devices.  I regularly disable the ADAT ports of my FF 800.  And enable the internal loopback device. Just as regularly, my settings are reset.   This confuses some applications which apparantly recognize ports as "number x in the list" rather than by name.

I don't want to leave everything enabled.  Sibelius scans all ports at startup, at several possible sample rates.  With all the ADAT ports enabled this takes some time.  And I'd like the loopback port to stay enabled!

Anyone else get this?   Any thoughts from RME?

I'm using latest firmware and driver.



Re: FF800 loses settings under Windows 7

I think you talk about Windows (not only 7) inability to have a fixed list of WDM devices. They change their order every time you boot or unplug/plug the audio interface. This is totally out of our control, sorry, and bothers me too.

Matthias Carstens

Re: FF800 loses settings under Windows 7

Windows remembers which ports have been disabled through a number of cold boots.  Then it forgets.   There may be a connection with whether I turn on power to my audio gear (including the FF 800) before or after booting.  I shall investigate.