Topic: ASIO Driver Question, FF800 and Sonar 8.5

I am running one FF800 on a Windows 7 platform and Sonar 8.5.3 software, and I am using the latest 3.028 driver and 2.77 flash update. 

I'm using ASIO drivers, and I am confused about the number of available input drivers, as Sonar doesn't offer an input option for input 9 and input 10.  I can select front or rear (or both) for 1, 7 and 8.  I can select input 3, 4, 5, or 6 (rear input on Fireface).  9 and 10 function, as I can route them to an analog output and then patch (using a 1/4 cable) to other inputs, however, I do not see a driver for these as an option in Sonar.

Is hardware patching the correct solution? Is there an alternative that would allow me to use input 9 and input 10 without going out as analog and then back into some other input?   

Back when I was using the same equipment with XP and an earlier version of Sonar, the WDM/KS drivers worked, and I was able to select input 9 or input 10 directly.  WDM/KS drivers do not work for me now (just distortion), even with the most recent (3.028 driver).

Re: ASIO Driver Question, FF800 and Sonar 8.5

Check your setting for "Limit Bandwidth" in the Fireface Settings app. If it's set to Analog 1-8, this is why.

Jeff Petersen
Synthax Inc.