Topic: 3rd party mic-pre with RME UFX


I am very interested in UFX and planning to buy one as soon as it appear in market. few questions.
what is the way to daisy chain my setup if i use my own external compressor and mic pre?
I got my mac pro, mic pre, compressor, Eq ( 3rd party ) .
How can I by-pass the RME internal mic-pre?  Unlike Apogee Ensemble, RME UFX has no insert send/ return function.
Is there another way to set up similar signal chain in RME UFX?
thanks a lot.

Re: 3rd party mic-pre with RME UFX

Rear panel inputs 1-8 are for line level sources (such as the output of your preamp) and do not pass through a preamp.

Jeff Petersen
Synthax Inc.