Topic: Fireface 400 vs CuBase SX3 - Crackle during playback


I have just bought fireface 400 and faceing a problem now.
I was using E-MU1212m before it. Right after getting FF400 I've removed E-MU from my PC and uninstalled all drivers!

Winamp and everything else plays just fine! But right after turning CuBase SX3 in with old or new projects all I get is distorted noise full of crackles. Can't listen to the old projects and can't write the new ones.

What could be the problem?

I have the latest drivers for FF400 (got them today from Your site)...

AMD Athlon X2 245
2.90 GHz 3GB of RAM
Windows XP

I have tried increasing the number and size of buffuers but this does not help anyhow.

Any ideas about what should I do?