Topic: Fireface 400 repair in Ireland

I have a Fireface 400 with (I believe) a blown preamp. I can see the signal going through the mixer, but there is no audio, none of the status indicators stay on, and the unit turns itself off after about 15 minutes.

Do you know where I can take this in Ireland to have it repaired, preferably in county Kildare or at least the Leinster area?

Re: Fireface 400 repair in Ireland

Bus power or external PSU? Your external PSU may have trouble, try a different unit (specs are in the manual, a Linksys router PSU works fine for a test).

Jeff Petersen
Synthax Inc.

Re: Fireface 400 repair in Ireland

Thanks Jeff. It is an external PSU. Don't have a Linksys router PSU but I'll have a look at the specs. I'll cross my fingers and hope you're right! So far I'm having no luck finding someone to look at it in this country.

Re: Fireface 400 repair in Ireland

I didn't have a close enough match on an external PSU at home, so I haven't tested this yet, but I did have success powering the unit from one of my PC's firewire ports. However, using this option there seems to be background interference coming through the speakers. Not a huge amount, but enough to notice considering how quite operation was with the PSU.

Can anyone answer the following questions:

1: Is powering the unit by firewire port going to result in any damage? The manual says you can do it but online research suggests it's not recommended.

2: Does anyone know what might cause such interference and, more importantly, how I might reduce or remove it? Could it be picking up the noise through the computer's firewire port, or might there be some other reason?


Re: Fireface 400 repair in Ireland

One more question: Is it safe to use a non-rme psu with similar specs? I'm not optimistic about being able to purchase an RME Cardbus Netzteil in Ireland. Looks like I may need to go out and get something I can use for testing purposes at least.