Topic: POD XT Pro & FF400/800 - Anyone doing the same?

I am using a POD XT Pro for recording guitars to my FF800.  Is anyone else doing the same?  If so, how are you connecting the POD to the Fireface?  I have been using regular 1/4 cables but was wondering if I should be using xlr's or aes.  Curious what anyone else is doing.

Re: POD XT Pro & FF400/800 - Anyone doing the same?

I don't run a POD - but I do take a direct guitar feed from a U5 or a GT Brick and pass it into my DAW Software for realtime amp sims in Guitar Rig and/or Amplitibe (the DAW feeds a dedicated power amp and 4x12" 1960B cabinet which is also mic'd for the speaker vibe).  This way I'm recording the clean DI signal to the DAW and can effectively change the Amp Sims during playback/mixing - or even "re-amp" using a real analog amp and mics at a later time.

I'd probably record the clean DI and the effected POD source to separate tracks - or scrap the Pod and use VST Plug-ins instead wink  If you want to record the POD's effected output - I'd assume the POD's digital outs would be best assuming you can get your system sync'd correctly (no clue what kind of clocking options the POD has or what other gear you need to sync in your system).  Going POD analog out to FF analog in will add a few ms of latency FWIW...


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Re: POD XT Pro & FF400/800 - Anyone doing the same?

Interesting setup. Never thought about running through a power amp and cab out of the interface.  I've kind of been doing the same with recording dry on a seperate track from the effected tracks, but not in digital.  So, looking to make that change today.  Thanks for the input.

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Re: POD XT Pro & FF400/800 - Anyone doing the same?

I'm using a POD X3L via spdif into my ff400. Signal quality is better than the other ouputs IMO.