Topic: Fireface 400 phones output sound on right side only

Hi peoples,

After 2.5 years of absence i decided to get back into making music, and took my gear out of the closet in order to make music again. My fireface 400 was packed in it's original box it came with, the way it was packed in the factory.

I downloaded the latest drivers and updated the firmware. It works, but i have only sound on one (right) side from the phones out. I have unscrewed the case to see if I could perhaps replace that part but it is glued to the board. There I also nothing unusual to see there, nothing physically loose or anything.

In my totalmix panel I can see sound coming out from both channels, but i only hear the right one, so :

- is this a hardware input problem and is there nothing i can do about it ?
- perhaps a some settings i can reset.
- is there some hard rest possibility that might fix this problem ?
- and finally, is there some workaround there I can rout sound internally to some other stereo output mimic a headphone stereo out on some other output on the card ?

any help would be really appreciated!

Re: Fireface 400 phones output sound on right side only

Maybe a silly question, but have you tried a different set of headphones?

Re: Fireface 400 phones output sound on right side only

there is no such thing as sillly questions smile.

But no : headphones are fine, I also tried other headphones, also other connector between output in and, how do you call it, headphone minijack on the other end ? So that is not the problem unfortunately