Topic: Power bug with my FireFace 400 ?


I bought 2 days ago a Fireface 400 and I tried to install it, unsuccessfully.
My config is : a Mac Pro 8-core 2.4Ghz Intel Xeon Westmere with OS X 10.6.4
I use a converter 400/800 cable sent with the sound card (bought on with Logic 9).
After hours of researches, I think that the problem comes directly from my RME FF 400 because I tested every possibilities !
The converter cable works, I tested it with my Korg Zero 4 directly connected on the computer slot.
So the 2 Firewire slots of my computer work too and it's able to detect the device.
The adaptator of the RME works and his LED ignites when it's connected (240V).
I used Mac OS X SL (10.6) Intel driver for Fireface 400 / 800 / UFX (edited the 11/12/2010 on your website).
I install others versions and erased them a lot of time, unsuccessfuly.
I respect the warning from RME (concerning the power problems with Firewire) so before I connect all
the elements, I switch off the computer and the card.
App doesn't works (impossible to enter on the Settings or to use Totalmix) but their install works and codecs are successfuly installed on the mac too.
When I try to switch on the FF 400 (computer is turned off), ALL LEDs stay ignite and when I switch on the computer,
install the drivers, and reboot, the FF 400's LEDs stay ignite and my computer still recognize the sound card as an "unknow device".
When I switch between Firewire powering and transformator powering, the FF 400 doesn't works anymore or sometimes all LEDs stay ignite or ingnite and turn off immediately, or sometimes just one, or two which are the IN LEDs (even if I have nothing connected on my entries!!).

What happen with my Fireface 400 (that I bought new) and what can I do ?

Thanks you so much for your help.

Vincent from France


Re: Power bug with my FireFace 400 ?

If all LEDs stay on then the unit is defective - it does not boot.

Matthias Carstens

Re: Power bug with my FireFace 400 ?

s***... I'm so disappointed !
I've never been lucky with that kind of stuff. No exception with RME.
Nonetheless, thanks for your quick answer.