Topic: Multiple Madi devices

I have a Mac Pro running Logic and an XP-AMD box running Nuendo. I'm using a Capybara as well and would like to expand it's AES IO to 8. I'm also looking to add two more computers to act as a dedicated orchestral playback system. The only multi-channel io I need is between these 4 computers and the capybara hardware. I currently have 8 channels of analog IO on the MAC and an HDSP on the XP-AMD.  Nuendo is my central mixing environment with everything else feeding this application. I need 16 channels of high-end analog IO somewhere in there.  I'm wanting to know if I can connect these systems via MADI using multiple HDSPe MADI cards and ADIs? I would also like to know if IO via madi would be available to any of the computers? Seems so, but would like some insight.