Topic: Set sample rate with ADI-2 e UC


I use Fireface UC in slave mode with ADI-2 as master-clock. The UC out the stereo signal via S-PDIF and the ADI-2 have monitor connect at XLR.
My little problem is that when I set a new sample rate with ADI-2 buttons, the UC don't follow my choice.
If I don't change the base frequency (like 44.1) the UC sync correctly (44, 88, 132) at ADI-2 change.
If I try to change base frequency (like from 44.1 at 48.1) the UC don't sync.
In the UC panel I see the new sync frequency, but the sample rate list box don't change.
I have installed the last firmware (112) and driver (0.963).

Thanks in advance for your answer.



Re: Set sample rate with ADI-2 e UC

That is expected behaviour. You don't set the sample rate by the external clock but by the record/playback software used.

Matthias Carstens