Topic: RME babyface first minute impressions

Hi all

After long hunt i was able to get one in UK. Been testing it tonight against my previous interface (edirol UA-4FX). Of course babyface costs 3 times more, but edirol had quite good reviews on it's side and has reverb etc. for monitoring.

Just started by comparing music playback between the two with headphones. Difference is......NICE smile Suddenly i can hear sooo much more detail and nuances. And there is lot more space.

Second I tested instrument input with acoustic guitar. I didn't even now that my guitar has so high frequencies when using it's own pick up. Babyface indeed brought much more clarity to that as well.

Babyface is obviously different class of kit than the edirol. It weights and is big enough so one get the feeling of professional gear. Nice.

Over the next week end i will make harder test, i'll compare my preamp (DAV BG1) (which costs same as babyface) with babyfaces preamp. Hopefully babyface doesn't loose much, so i can use which ever i like depending on requirements.

now back to find new details of my music library.

Rock on.

Re: RME babyface first minute impressions

I ran tests with babyface preamps vs. DAV BG1. Playing acoustic with Brauner Phanthera mic. I was very pleased with babyface's preamp. It seem to create more silky highs and slightly less dynamic. BG1 was more in your face, but i was thinking to use babyface preamps for background guitars.

I was having a bit problem with connecting BG1 preamp to babyface. The babyface max input is +12 dBu and  BG1 can go up to +29 dBu before clipping. Luckily there was pad switch. I am not sure if this is right way to connect these two together. Has anyone more experienced have an idea?

happy, happier, babyface owner