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Assuming I have the external power supply for a Multiface, is it possible to connect it to a Digiface using ADAT Lightpipe and treat the Multiface as a standalone AD/DA to give me an additional 8 channels of analog I/O?

I don't have any PCI/PCIe slots left in my system, but I have 2 ADAT ports available on my Digiface, and I'd rather not have to buy another ADI-8 when I've got the Multiface. The Multiface was bought just for live/stage use, but I'm strictly studio bound now so I'd like to put the sucker to use.



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You'll have to use it in "Disconnect Mode" - and is kind of kludgey IMNSHO.  You basically will have to plug the MF into your HDSP Card - let it "boot" - configure the I/O in Totalmix (Analog to ADAT and ADAT to Analog) - enable "Disconnect Mode" - AND SUPPLY EXTERNAL POWER to the MF Box (YOU CAN NOT REMOVE POWER from the MF or ypu'll have to re-connect it to the HDSP card and re-load the Firmware into the FPGA).

Once the MF is all setup - then yank the HDSP cable (after supplying external power), and re-connect your Digiface - and then disable "Disconnect Mode".  The Digiface should be detected and you're off and running.

Just remember you'll have to re-connect the MF to the HDSP and let it re-load the firmware anytime it loses external power.  You'll need an A/C wall wart if you don't already have one...

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I think it works really stable. Had my MF configured a week as an AD/DA Converter. You can let the powerplug connected. I know it is not the enviromently friendliest solution big_smile

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.... do you think it could be a solution to add some 12V battery , in order to keep the settings when transporting the multiface ? Would it need  a lot of power just to keep the memory working ?


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It needs the exact same power as when using it normally.

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Re: Multiface as standalone AD/DA?


I have also the wish to use my Multiface2 as standalone AD/DA-Converter via ADAT.

Currently i think:
- i'll buy a pine64 - rockpro64 mini-computer, with an ARM-CPU, which has an PCIe slot.
- install Linux ARM on this device
- and install "HDSPe ALSA" and "HDSPe Mixer" ("TotalMix" for Linux)

do you think it will work?

It's not important that i have sound on this mini-computer, it's just there to configure the Multiface2 to route Analog I/O's to ADAT I/O's.

I think it's not possible to use Windows10 ARM because the driver must be compiled for that.
And VirtualBox also don't work for that, on an ARM CPU, because it doesn't emulate a x86CPU.

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Edit: I opened a thread here: … 11#p146911
about running HDSPe Multiface2 on ARM Linux.

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