Topic: looking for pre-buying advice

Hello. I don't know If I can post here (Apologize If not).
Could you please give me your point of view for an RME device?

I want an RME, my sistem is W7 x64 and cubase/protools.
Now: I have my pre and mi DI's(I don't need rme pre's).
Basically I need 2 in and 2 out + 1 midi channel + 1 phone.
I was looking at fireface400 but I don't need its preamps.

May I looking at other RME device? Any Suggestions plz?
Otherwise I go for ff400 and stop.

Thank You In advance.

Re: looking for pre-buying advice

What about these?

Daniel Fuchs

Re: looking for pre-buying advice

I'll go for

thx for your support anyway. Best