Topic: Multiple RME Multifaces and Pro Tools 9

we have 3 RME HDSP PCI Multifaces. we recently upgraded to Pro Tools 9. We used the RME via ADAT with an M-Audio Profire unit with earlier versions of Pro Tools. Now with Pro Tools 9 we need to just get 24 in and 24 out and forget the ADAT connections.

The problem in that in the I/O setup in Pro Tools 9 we cannot hide or somehow disable the Multiface ADAT channels. Since Pro Tools 9 coumnts these ADAT channels as channels we cannot get more than 16 in and out right now. This is annoying. Even if we do not use the ADAT channels, Pro Tools still counts them, and we are limited to 32 in total.

Is there a way to HIDE these ADAT channels from Pro Tools. It does not seem that we can do this through the RME driver/control panel. Is this a Pro Tools thing, or will RME update these drivers to allow for the disabling of ADAT channels?

Thanks in advance to anyone with any help or advice?

Re: Multiple RME Multifaces and Pro Tools 9

You can use 2 MF's connected to the HDSP cards.  Then the 3rd one would run in "disconnect mode", and feed its internal Analog I/O to MF #1 via ADAT.  Then MF#1 will have Analog 1-8, MF#1 will also have ADAT 1-8 (from MF#3's Analog I/O), and then MF#2 will have it's Analog 1-8 visible.

Even with MF#1's SPDIF accounted for, that's only 26 Ins and 26 Outs from MF#1 Analog(8)/ADAT(8)/SPDIF(2) through MF#2's Analog I/O (8).

This is somewhat of a PITA - but you can leave MF#3 connected to your HDSP card, and just not use it directly through ASIO (You'll get to it from MF#1 ADAT) - or you can run MF#3 in "disconnect mode" and physically un-hook the HDSP cable if required - but you'll need an external power supply to keep it powered...

Good luck! cool

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