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I'm planning to update my audio hardware with new RME equipment. I've had RME equipment since it was first available. I had the first ADI Anniversary converter, Multiface I, Fireface 800 etc. This summer, my wife and I plan to spend 5 weeks with our daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter in Stuttgart. They are there for 3 years. Would I have any price advantage to wait and buy in Germany. I sort of understand the 20% VAT advantage and how you must take it in your luggage. I would also like to visit RME and Samplitude facilities if that is possible. All suggestions appreciated.


Re: Trip to Germany

Well it seems that it depends on the product you want to buy. Some are cheaper here some are not. Fireface UC is cheaper here while the UFX isn't.
But take into account the hassle to get VAT back (otherwise there won't be any price advantage), warranty issues, custom regulations / fees and not to forget the power cord with German plug.

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Thanks viper. The German plug is the clincher. My daughter recently got a Yamaha grand piano in Germany and she said there is a lot of paper work to complete.
A few years back, my wife caught the cord of my Multiface I and pulled it on the hardwood floor. Recently, I sent it to RME to see if it could be fixed. They said the Multiface was fine. The PCI card got damaged by the fall? When I started my old Multiface in a 6 year old desk top I was very impressed by the very low latency and 0 errors during recording. I had forgotten how good RME stuff works. I had been trying some other interfaces after the Multiface went down and the Fireface 800 I bought for an audio class I taught at a HS is now being used by a music teacher. No more. It is RME only now.