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Topic: Delay as a feature in TotalMix with DSP?

First off, let me say after being disappointed by 3 or 4 other interfaces from other manufacturers I bought a Fireface UC as soon as possible on release (wanted a USB interface for a smallish tablet with no firewire) and I haven't regretted it for a second.  I'm mostly a sound reinforcement engineer and I wanted a high quality solution for playback, Smaart analysis and boardfeed/room mic recordings.  I've been blown away by how TotalMix, its playback layer and its loopback feature have been incredibly useful day to day tools for me and the thing has been rock solid from day one.  Thanks for a great product!

I'm intrigued with the possibilities now that the UFX exists with its DSP.  I'd love the extra I/O and appreciate the basic front panel metering, but it's hard to justify the upgrade just for that when I rarely max out my UC now.  For my purposes I would probably never use a reverb or echo bus, I might use a couple of high-passes or EQ filters, maybe a couple limiters would come in handy.  I usually have consoles to do that, but what would almost certainly put me over the tipping point to purchasing would be if it had an input and output delay on each channel so I could use it to matrix and time-align different PA zones from just a left/right boardfeed.

I'm not a DSP expert, I don't know if that's currently a hardware possibility and would be as simple as a firmware/software update, but being able to replace the extra production mixing desk I need at festivals sometimes, or being able to run small corporate events with just a MIDI control surface and my own rack would be a dream come true.  Unfortunately I'd need delay functionality on the DSP to make sure I don't need a rack 6 times the size of the UFX just to get 6 or 8 delayable outputs.  I could try using software, but one of the main advantages I see in the UFX is I can rely on RME hardware to keep on trucking in standalone if my computer decides to crash.

So long story short, I'm curious if delay is a possibility and if so, is it on the developers' radar at all as far as new features.  Or perhaps its already an option and I don't know it, in which case I might need to call my local RME dealer soon...

Re: Delay as a feature in TotalMix with DSP?

I would also love to see the "per channel" delay for surround speaker alignment.



Re: Delay as a feature in TotalMix with DSP?

This is technically not possible, sorry.

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