Topic: Micstacy + OSM and Midi remote 1.42

We recently put together a system using 2 x Micstacys M, 1 ADI-8QSM, 1 x ADI-6432, HDSP Madi pci, XP on a Sonica-DR...Specs.. I am using 2 gigs of RAM though, Samplitude,Sequoia, All NI software, Yellowtools, This system is a dream come true. It just works...Faster than a Boston Terrier with its tail on fire.... midi remote is awesome.... Sound quality is amazing.... Great job Matthias, Daniel and all involved in developement. Cheers guys and thanks for the great products.

Re: Micstacy + OSM and Midi remote 1.42

Well we just did our second event with mobile HD truck.  Things went OK but not great.  I started to get some good sized pops and glitches on 2 of the RME 6432 units that were connected to the Yamaha DM2000.  The reference system is simple and solid.  I could not measure any reference errors.  The RME 6432 units seemed to work best when they were referenced to AES input instead of word clock as I had planned on.  Also, I saw period flashes on the MADI sync lights on those 2 converters.   Everything looks right on and yet I am having flashing AES lights on the RME units.  The manual says that the input is very sensitive.  I wonder if I am delivering too high a level from the DM2000 and that is causing my problems?