Topic: Fireface 800, PT9 - can i sync with ADAT?

Hello - i'm in the early stages of coming to an understanding of this, so i'm looking for guidance. Please pardon the extremely rudimentary questions. I've begun reading about the different pieces of the sync puzzle, and most of it makes sense, but i'm not sure what i need to accomplish what i'm looking to accomplish.

What i want : I want the adat and pro tools to sync based on time code. That is : when the cursor hits 1:00:00, the adat is also hitting that time code. As this is happening - i want to be able to xfer audio digitally from the ADAT to pro tools.

I see on the back of the fireface that there are two sets of adat in/outs. I'm assuming this is simply for getting audio from and to the adat. However,  i'm not able to intuit how to go about using the FF800 to make the adat "slave" to the time code that is ticking off in pro tools.

There is a section of coax connections on the back of the FF800 described as "time code options" - i'm assuming these are the means by which time code is brought in and out. Is what is sent in/out of these connections a format the ADAT can understand? do i need an additional piece of equipment to translate from these terminals to the adat sync (9pin?) format - or is there another way to accomplish this with just the FF?

my experience with sync to date is from a long time ago - when we used to "stripe" smpte to a track of tape from a sequencer and then send that back out to the sequencer to drive it. I'm adding this tidbit to make clear that when explaining this, as an audience - i'm in the "for dummies" category smile

Any help/guidance would be much appreciated.

thanks in advance

Re: Fireface 800, PT9 - can i sync with ADAT?

I am not sure I understand your problem. You are trying to sync an external ADAT recorder?

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Re: Fireface 800, PT9 - can i sync with ADAT?

And which ADAT recorder is that? You have a BCR for it?

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Re: Fireface 800, PT9 - can i sync with ADAT?

There is no problem yet, and there is no adat yet. I am asking what i need in order to accomplish this. I simply want to sync an adat (will likely be an alesis blackface or tascam unit) with Pro Tools using the fireface as the audio interface.

I just need to know what needs to be done and what equipment is needed.

If there is a known location online (or in a manual somewhere) where this is described, please forward the link. So far I've been able to find a lot of links talking about people troubleshooting - but i was unable to figure out where to start, given my current setup.

I should note, i am using :
Pro Tools 9
RME Fireface 800 (connected via fw800)
Macbook Pro
Mac OSX 10.6.6

thanks in advance.


Re: Fireface 800, PT9 - can i sync with ADAT?

You will need to convert ADAT Sync (9 Pin) to MTC, which - AFAIR - had been done by the Alesis BRC. The FF 800 does not support that kind of sync.

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Re: Fireface 800, PT9 - can i sync with ADAT?

A follow-up to this question.

It looks as though i will be getting my hands on a Fostex RD-8. This has wordclock in as well as LTC in (xlr).

Some questions :

1) If fireface is being used with pro tools, does time code automatically get generated by the RME (and sent from it's outputs) ? or does this need to be configured in pro tools ?

2) in order for sample clocks to be sync-ed in rd-8 and fireface, does that mean the fireface now has to be master? Does transport control still function as normal from the computer in that case?

3) Lastly - will a BNC to XLR cable work in order to take timecode from fireface (bnc) to RD-8 (xlr) ??

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